The USP of Gift Baskets

The baby Moses in a basket of rushes was one of the earliest gifts that ever came in a woven basket. Today, gifts in baskets are very popular across the world and at occasions ranging from Easter to Thanksgiving and from housewarming parties to Christmas hampers. It is a favorite holiday present, and it can never disappoint the recipient.

So what is it about baskets that makes them so popular? At first glance it would seem that half the pleasure of receiving gifts is in the unwrapping of them. But these turn up unwrapped and displaying all the glory of their rich contents for all to see. Being cheated of the pleasures of anticipation, what is it about the gift that can still excite the receiver?

Originally, baskets that were woven out of locally available materials were filled with nuts and berries and wildflowers, and presented to relatives, country brides and royalty with equal ceremony. Today the variety is overwhelming. It may be in this that the USP of the basket lies.

If you walk through the aisles of a department store on major holidays, you are likely to see creatively wrapped and enticingly filled baskets of all shapes and sizes. No wine connoisseur can turn away at the sight of a rich array of wine bottles laid in a bed of luxurious vines in a earthy, woven basket.

There are special cheese hampers and fruit hampers that sit seductively on shelves and catch the holiday lights. Those who want a taste of New York can dig into a wicker basket with bagels and artisan cheeses, smoked salmon and chocolates. The possibilities are endless. Gourmets can even find foie gras and caviar.

These baskets are not limited to food. There are baby hampers for the new born, those containing books, aromatherapy products, toiletries, and just about anything else that can be carried in one.

It’s not only friends and family who enjoy them. Corporate honchos know how such tokens of appreciation can warm the hearts of clients and partners when deals are clinched.

The best part is, you don’t have to go to a store to buy them. You can simply shop online and have them delivered to the recipient. In this way, you can customize the gift to suit the recipient and please them with the thoughtfulness that went into selecting it.

For a little bit of thoughtfulness and old fashioned charm on Thanksgiving or Christmas, nothing fits the bill like personalized gift baskets. Lehigh Valley has boutiques and stores that can have your message delivered to a loved one along with a basketful of their favorite things. Further, the baskets themselves will eventually become showpieces!

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