Specialties of Dentists in Atlanta, GA

Dentists in Atlanta, GA, have special areas of medical expertise. There are several other specialties within the dentistry profession as well. Whether it is a dentist for children or one who can monitor the time when braces need to be placed, there are all kinds of specialties.

Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Dentists in Atlanta, GA, sometimes have a specialty of oral surgery. It is needed in many circumstances to correct some conditions that may be hereditary or may be caused by an accident or a disease. This specialty involves the pathology and the diagnosis of disease that is in the area of the mouth and face.

Pediatric Dentistry

It is obvious what pediatric dentistry is – a dentist particularly for children. This is an important specialty because if children start early care and protection of their teeth, it will serve them well all through their lives. Dentists can detect problems that might arise later in the early stages. It is important for children to learn early on how to take care of their teeth and the damage sugary snacks and drinks can do to their teeth. Pediatric dentistry is from infants through the teenage years.


Dentists in Atlanta, GA, may have another specialty of endodontics. Endodontics is an area of dentistry that involves the pathology, physiology and morphology of dental pulp and periradicular tissue. This includes the biology, diagnosis and prevention of certain diseases or injuries connected with periradicular conditions.


Prosthodontics involves a specialty that pertains to the dental problems patients have that have clinical conditions that are directly related to missing or defective teeth. It can also relate to oral and maxillofacial tissues that need to have biocompatible substitutes.

Dental Public Health

Dentists in Atlanta, GA, have another specialty that in some respects may not seem like a specialty but more like a special dental department. Dental public health is more of a science art. It is all about preventing, promoting and controlling dental decay and disease. Its concerns are that of education of the public, as well as research and dental care programs. Dental public health is highly involved in community driven dental care.


When teenagers have malocclusion, crooked teeth or jaw problems that affect active bite, he or she will need to see a dentist in Atlanta, GA with, the specialty of orthodontics to be evaluated for braces. The orthodontist will go through the process of measuring the teeth and the bite and then monitor months during which an individual will need to keep the braces on.

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