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Lindquist Beach: Planning a Beach Wedding For Romance

Lindquist Beach in the Virgin Islands is the perfect spot for those planning a beach wedding with a romantic theme in mind. This beach has a whole different vibe than the high energy beaches typically favored by the tourist crowd. It is quiet, serene, and known for an almost mystic natural beauty. Hidden away among the more well known beaches, Lindquist is almost a local secret. Public signs announcing its presence don’t seem to last too long, perhaps because the locals hope to keep it that way. It is the perfect location for a romantic beach wedding.

Also known around the island as Smith Bay Beach, romance is definitely a part of the natural environment of this beach. The hint of pink in the soft white sand sets the tone. Pure blue water laps and foams along a gracefully curved beach. As the dirt road that leads to the beach indicates, there’s not much in terms of formal facilities here, so there will be some planning involved in having a beautiful Lindquist Beach wedding. How much planning, naturally, depends on the type of wedding desired, the number of people involved, and whether the festivities will continue at the beach or will take place elsewhere.

Add the standard wedding planning to the elements involved in planning a destination wedding, and for the inexperienced, it may seem an overwhelming task to orchestrate the magical wedding event that honors the transition to a new phase of life. The sure-handed guidance of an experienced event planner can make a real difference in the overall experience. There’s a whole different energy involved in being a detail-oriented shopper and sharp bargainer, one that seems almost incompatible with the emotional intensity of shared vows made in the midst of the magnificence of nature. Delegating the details to a professional allows the couple to be wholly submerged into the depth and meaning of the experience.

American citizens don’t have to have passports for a Virgin Islands wedding. However, there are some paperwork requirements and fees involved in obtaining a marriage license that shouldn’t be left to the last minute. Working with a reputable Saint Thomas wedding planner skilled in assisting in the management of such details can help to ensure that everything goes smoothly with no unpleasant, last-minute surprises. It is important to be sure that your planner is experienced with coordinating efforts across great distances, as much of the essential details will be decided before the wedding party arrives on the island.

For a beach wedding that focuses on the romance of the moment, Lindquist Beach is the natural choice. So close, but yet so far, this local secret isn’t on the list of beaches tourists usually frequent. Calm, peaceful and beautiful, its intimate atmosphere offers an auspicious starting point for a relationship entering a new dimension. With a bit of planning, this beach is the perfect site for a truly magical wedding event, making it an excellent choice for those planning a beach wedding with romance in mind.

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