Facts about Home Security Safes

Purchasing home security safes is a very practical and wise decision as well as a great investment. Several people secure their homes with alarm systems; however, they want the added protection that a home security safe can offer them. The down side is that in most instances, customers are unaware of the different types of safes available to them and typically choose one that puts their valuables at risk. When you’re dealing with something as serious as protection and security, you really have to understand the basics of what you’re talking about and what you’re looking for. If not, you will purchase something that you have no use for, or find out the hard way that it was not the correct one to protect your prized possessions.

There are a lot of different types of security safes and each one of them is created to provide a different level of protection. For instance, if you’re trying to protect important information such as the deed to your home, life insurance information, Wills, birth certificates, and social security cards you need to purchase a fire resistant safe also known as a record safe to protect your information from burglaries as well as fires. They are manufactured and rated based on the amount of time they can protect your contents from fire. You should be aware that there are three different classes of fire resistant safes each rated with a letter from A through B. Class A safes are able to protect your documents from the heat for about four hours, class B for two hours, and class C for about one hour. You will notice the difference in price, but should not consider that solely. Instead, you should think about the amount of time it might take the fire department to get to your home and put out the fire. If you believe that you are located several miles from a fire department you should go with a class A safe to give them time to react and retrieve the safe from the flames.

If you are trying to protect electronic pieces such as CDs, DVDs, videos, flash drives, and more you’re going to need to purchase fire resistant media security safes. These safes are created differently they are insulated much more than a regular safe or document safe. The reason for this is because your media can burn at a much lower temperature than paper would. So it is important that you determine the type of safe you need.

There are also burglar resistant security safes that are made to protect your belongings from thieves. They are typically rated depending upon how long it might take someone to break into the safe as well as the methods that would have to be used to break in. The time can run between as little as fifteen minutes with tools or about an hour using torches and explosives. Determining which would give you the best time to react is important. Typically you would choose the safe with the longest amount of time. If a petty thief enters your home unless you’re away they are not going to want to sit around for an hour trying to open the safe and in most instances don’t have torches or explosives on hand.

Choosing security safes for the protection of your belongings can be a bit tough. Speak with a professional today about finding the protection you need at WilsonSafe.com.