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Tree Service in Sandy Springs, GA Helps Your Home Value

Not many people realize that the value of your home rises if you have well-maintained, beautiful, and healthy shade trees in the property. Trees lower the ambient temperature around the house during summer, something that folks in Sandy Springs, GA can appreciate. In neighborhoods with no trees, temperatures are always higher than in neighborhoods where trees are allowed to grow and are kept healthy with regular tree service. People assume that trees are more of a liability, but with proper tree service and care, you can benefit from keeping trees alive and healthy on your property.

But shade and a cool spot aren’t the only things that trees can do for your home. Naturally a well-placed and healthy tree can even help shade lower level windows from direct sun, lowering cooling costs. Additionally, a tree can soak up a lot of water, keeping your yard from turning into a puddle filled mosquito breeding ground after summer rain storms. Trees also prevent erosion and are excellent for keeping a sloping hillside intact.

A tree takes a long time to grow big and really provide benefits to a piece of property. That’s another reason why a tree makes your property more valuable. The only reason why a tree may not add value is if it is poorly maintained, diseased, or poses a threat to your property, home, safety, or the safety and property of your neighbors. While trees may seem big and strong, when a branch becomes diseased it can become dangerous. This is why people are afraid to have trees in their yards.

The good news is that these problems or threats are easy to avoid. With proper tree service on a regular basis, you can keep your trees healthy and your arborist can keep an eye out for irregularities, weakness, and disease. If a limb becomes less healthy, tree service can remove that limb and ensure that the rest of the tree is sound. And when a tree is truly a risk, you can have your Sandy Springs tree service company come and remove the tree, perhaps planting another one in its place.

The past five years have been hard for homeowners. Many people have seen the value of their house plummet and are now seeing them slowly climb back up to the value the homes had over five years ago. Take advantage of every opportunity to improve the value of your home. Maintain your trees with regular tree service and ensure they are safe and grow to be beneficial for you and your family.

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