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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Flowers For the Big Day

Flowers have always been a part of weddings. They are traditional and ornamental at the same time. They set are an important element of wedding atmospheres. Also, brides are becoming more adventurous in choosing wedding flowers today. They don’t have to be natural flowers anymore. They can be porcelain, or Swarovski studded, or even handmade silk flowers. However, some brides still prefer the traditional.

Traditional trends

In the past Roman women carried herb bouquets under the veil to ward of evil and ensure fertility. The ivy represented lasting love in ancient Greece.

In the modern age, flowers are still an integral part of weddings. The brides of Louisiana walk from the church to the wedding reception carrying flowers and accompanied by jazz musicians. Brides in England walked from church with the guests, led by a young girl scattering flowers in her way.

Flowers are a symbol of new life and fertility. A bride beginning her new life is very naturally linked to blossoms. Peonies are common flowers to use in decorations and as centerpieces at wedding receptions. They are many-colored and represent spring.

Exotic orchids are fragrant and ideal flowers for corsages to give to the mothers of the married couple. It is also often a part of the bouquets that brides carry. The lotus flower is a very important part of Buddhist weddings, and symbolizes the four virtues.

Modern trends

There is a lot more individuality in the selection of bridal flowers today. Not everything had to match anymore. The bridal bouquet may have a different scheme from the bouquets the bridesmaids carry. The traditional color of white has given way to shades of plum and lavender and other colors. Brides are often seen carrying single-color bouquets and even Zen designs.

Spring weddings

Spring is about new starts and rich hues. Flowers that are used in the spring have full blooms that are deeply textured. They include roses, peonies, lilac, hydrangea among others.

Summer weddings

Summer is the season of the roses. There are varieties of roses, all of which can be combined into luxurious bouquets for the bride to carry.

Brides-to-be can let their imaginations run wild when it comes to planning their wedding flowers. Lehigh Valley florists can help to prepare corsages and headdresses and flowers to wear for the wedding party members. Whether it is for the reception or for pools, or whether it is ornaments for the bride’s hair, there are endless possibilities to let flowers set the tone of hope and new life for the big day.

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