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Real Estate Law Sycamore IL For Personal Properties

Real estate law in Sycamore IL is a complex and often confusing portion of the legal code that encompasses local, county, and state regulations, as well as HOA guidelines. Individuals that own private property from time to time will be presented with a real estate law challenge. HOA disputes, boundary disputes and nuisance issues can cause stress and mounting legal fees if not handled quickly by a professional. Legal real estate challenges can also occur due to governmental action including eminent domain, land use regulation, easements or right of way concerns. Of course, there are less challenging areas of real estate law as well; buying selling, conveying real estate, and the creation of trusts can all be handled by a qualified real estate attorney.

Neighborhood Disputes

Sometimes neighbors can go to war over a small issue that escalates infinitesimally over time. Often times, if the original dispute had been handled by attorneys, the issue could have been resolved equitably before things spiraled out of control. Fences, walls, nuisances and water runoff are common problems that face neighbors. Additionally, some Home Owners Associations and their residents battle over issues from common area upkeep, landscaping, or something as simple colors approved for exterior home finishes. Your home is where you should be able to escape the daily stresses and relax. If you are currently battling neighbors or your HOA, contact a lawyer with experience in real estate law in Sycamore IL.

Eminent Domain

In the state of Illinois the process of eminent domain is complicated and challenging case to fight. You next expert legal representation as soon as you have been notified your property is at risk for seizure. Unfortunately, Illinois ranks as one of the worst states in the country for property owner rights in cases of eminent domain. Under the law the eminent domain process can only be stopped if it does not meet the “public purpose” or “public necessity” requirements. A real estate attorney can assist you through this stressful process and help to get you the highest compensation possible as determined by the best use laws for your property.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

If you own a rental property and your tenant has stopped paying the agreed to rents, you have the right to evict them from your property. However, under Illinois state law there are five steps you must take and they must occur in the proper order, in the timely schedule that the law dictates. It is vital as a landlord that you seek legal representation immediately before trying to evict any tenant that is in arrears in their payment. One small misstep on your part can allow your tenant to remain longer.

If you have a dispute with a neighbor, the HOA, a government entity or with a tenant, it is important that you schedule a consultation with an attorney as quickly as possible. Legal matters regarding real estate can escalate into battles that can cause both emotional and financial stress. A lawyer with experience in real estate law in Sycamore IL can help protect your home and other properties.

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