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Choosing An Accident Attorney in Union New Jersey

If you or someone you love has been injured or incapacitated in an accident, you need to contact an Accident Attorney in Union immediately. During these difficult, painful and challenging times, it is often tempting to select the first personal injury attorney that comes to mind from TV and radio ads. However, it is important, as with all legal situations, to ensure that you have the best possible representation to guide you through the maze of personal injury law and negotiations. There are many referral lists available for you in this time of crisis including the American Bar Association and local business associations. However, if you know someone that has been through a similar situation, a call to them for a referral never hurts.

Professional Referral Lists And Associations
The American Bar Association maintains a referral list of attorneys specialized in the handling of accidents and personal injury based on location. Other professional associations including local business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce have member lists that are easily searchable for attorneys and law offices. If you have used an attorney in the past for an unrelated manner, call and ask them for a referral of a colleague they know that specializes in accidents and personal injuries.

A Personal Referral
Ask your friends, family, and colleagues for a referral of a personal injury lawyer that they know or have used in the past. Few things beat a personal referral when searching for an attorney that will act in your best interest, and be your advocate. It is important to understand that not all attorneys are familiar with the intricacies involved in accidents and personal injury claims. A tax or estate account has great skills, in their area of expertise. Just like a personal injury attorney wouldn’t take on the task of managing a corporate merger, other types of lawyers just don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary for your situation.

What To Look For In A Personal Injury Attorney
First and foremost, a history of success in handling personal injury and accident claims. It is important to ask attorneys for a list of past clients you can speak with and interview. Look for a lawyer that not only has a portfolio of success, but also someone that is compassionate and understanding. You must have someone by your side during this time that knows the ropes, shows compassion, and wins personal injury cases.

When you are injured or incapacitated due to an accident, it is a stressful and painful time. Don’t fall prey to the predatory and bullying tactics of insurance companies that want to settle quickly; consult with an Accident Attorney in Union prior to signing any documents, contracts or other paperwork presented to you.

An Accident Attorney in Union New Jersey is there to help you navigate through the complicated and challenging claims associated with your injuries. Call the Rinaldo Law Firm today at 973-346-8700 or visit newjerseypiattorney.com to see the difference their unwavering commitment to their clients makes.