What are hydroponic plants?

Hydroponic plants are the ones which are grown in water without soil. This method is becoming increasingly popular these days because they do not need large amount of water supplies and of farmlands which are extremely fertile. Home gardeners and hobby farmers use this method for growing fresh vegetables throughout the year. There are a lot of reasons why the hydroponic plants have become so popular. We will take a look at them one by one.

  1. Grow faster: Hydroponic plants grow and mature at a faster rate. They yield earlier than conventionally grown crops. Thus, it enables you to save up on a lot of time.
  2. Uses less space: These plants need very little space to grow because their roots do not have to spread out in search for food. That is why they are absolutely ideal for home gardeners and small scale commercial farmers. There is no requirement of large fields and the fuel cost can also be cut down to a huge extent. This method also makes better and more productive use of greenhouse space.
  3. Automation: One of the best advantages of hydroponic plants is that their growth can be automated with the help of timers and remote monitoring equipment. Automation brings about a reduction in the time that is taken for the growth of the plants. If you are the owner of such a plant, it provides you with a lot of flexibility because you can be away from the plant for a long period of time without getting worried about watering it.
  4. Getting more area under production: The technology can prove to be very effective in arid lands such as deserts where the water available is extremely limited. Therefore with the help of hydroponics technologies these lands can be turned productive.
  5. Pests: Hydroponic system makes use of a sterile growing medium and that is why the hazards caused by pests and weeds are reduced considerably if not totally eradicated. If there are no pests to be dealt with, the use of pesticides will be minimised too. Therefore the system can prove to be more economical as well as environment friendly.

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