Things You Should Know Before Using Grow Lights

Do you like to decorate the interiors of your home with green foliages? You can use loads of indoor and hydroponic plants. But, the vegetation that matures inside the rooms does not get natural light. This often hampers their development. Therefore, you need to arrange for artificial grow lights to help the plants develop properly.

While choosing grow lights, you should know that plants need different types of colors or spectra in different stages of their maturity. While indoor plants need cooler temperature bulbs of the blue spectrum for good foliage development; they need warmer red spectrum ones to produce fruits and flowers. Therefore, to keep the indoor plants in perfect condition, you need to choose proper grow lights.

How to choose grow lights?

Such lights are generally a single bulb that emits a full spectrum of light or a combination of bulbs. The intensity and color of these bulbs are adjusted to facilitate optimal plant growth. However, the shape and size of grow lights should depend on the growing area of the plants. If you have narrow spaces around the plants, it is better to opt for smaller fixtures. Make sure to choose fixtures that will fit perfectly in the narrower growing area. If you have utilized one of the corners of your house to keep a few plants together, you can use free-standing grow lights for providing luminosity to all the plants together. In case you have large sized plants, you might need a hanging fixture. Apart from the shape and size of these bulbs, you can also make your choice between incandescent, sodium, and led bulbs for the purpose.

What is the amount of light required?

The kind of plant you have will determine the type and intensity of light that you should use. Set the grow lights in such a manner so to mimic the natural sunlight as closely as possible. While you can consult with reputed organics specialists about the amount of luminance and spectrum you should arrange for the indoor plants, you can also look for other signs as well. Check out for premature wilting, too many brown or yellow leaves, and stunted growth. If there are such signs, adjust the bulbs to get rid of the problem.

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