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During A Workers Comp In DeKalb IL Keep Great Records

Workers’ Comp claims in DeKalb IL require great record keeping on your part. Great record keeping on your part can be the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars of benefits paid to you. From the initial reporting of the injury, your medical records, and including a notebook of any symptoms you continue to experience can make all the difference in negotiations and if your claim goes to trial. Your workers’ comp attorney will take the records and your notebook and use them to your advantage. It is much easier and the information is much more accurate when you keep your notes up to date.

Seek Medical Attention

Seek immediate medical attention when you have been injured on the job. In cases where you have been exposed to radiation or other toxic substances it is important that your medical records indicate that you and your doctor believe that the exposure was a result of your employment. In some cases, injuries and chronic diseases do not appear for months or longer after an exposure. As soon as you become aware of your illness, report it to your employer. After you have been injured it is possible that you will be contacted by attorneys representing the insurance company that holds your workers’ comp policy. Do not sign any documentation whatsoever without having an attorney qualified in workers’ comp in DeKalb IL review it.

Report Your Injury

When you experience an injury on the job, the law dictates that you must inform your employer as soon as reasonably possible. Details must include the date, the place, and details of the accident. Some organizations may require your report to be in writing, while others may just require oral reporting of your injury. It is recommended that you provide a written report that includes the date and place of the accident and a brief description of the accident, injury or disease that has occurred. In of exposure to radiation typically employees have up to 90 days to report the exposure. For occupational diseases incurred as a result of your job, employees are required to notify their employer as soon as possible after becoming aware of the disease or condition.

Keep A Notebook

If you have suffered an injury, keep a detailed central notebook that lists your medical and rehabilitation appointments, notes from appointments with health professionals, your employer, and your attorney, and any and all symptoms you experience. In some cases, some symptoms do not appear for days, weeks or even months after a work-related injury. This notebook will provide valuable first-hand information for your attorney to use in settlement negotiations.

The attorney’s first priority is to ensure that you receive the compensation you are eligible for including lost wages, medical bill coverage, rehabilitation, and retraining if necessary. Hire a renowned workers’ comp attorney in DeKalb IL for claims.