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Choosing Herbalife Protein Powder

Some questions to consider while Choosing herbalife protein powder.

1. Do you really need herbalife protein powder?

This is the most important and first thing to be taken into consideration. Protein is the most essential macronutrients and your nutrition should be entirely based on it. On a daily basis, you should aim at having at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. You can reach that number with the help of herbalife protein powder. Many people find it impossible to reach that figure or even get close to it without the help of this powder. The ability and flexibility to personalize your shake according to however you want make it a good choice for many people.

2. What kind of protein powder is good?

There are various kinds of protein powder in the market these days and choosing one among them can be very difficult. Instead of talking about brands here let’s talk about types of powder because it is very important. Whey protein powder is the top selling powder in the market and easily recognizable as well. Though this is not the only type of protein powder, but it is one of the most effective ones. Though whey is extracted from milk it includes very small amount of lactose so it will not be a problem for people who are intolerant to lactose. One of the quickly digesting protein powders is whey protein; it is perfect for post workout. There are basically three kinds of whey protein, isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate. Concentrate is the most recognized of three types and most affordable as well. It includes seven percent fat and very low amount of lactose, it contains 75% protein. Isolate form is much purer compared to others with no fat and lactose and it contains 95% of protein. It also contains Glutathione and amino acid which is a strong antioxidant and it acts like a miracle cure for many illnesses. Hydroslysate Whey protein is the most expensive Whey protein and is very different from other two types as it is absorbed much faster compared to other two types.

Another popular type of protein powder is Casein protein after whey protein and it is derived from milk as well, but it is different from Whey, it is a slow digesting protein. Digestion time of Whey protein is much faster compared to casein, which takes a long time, it takes almost seven hours to digest. It is often used in replacements of meal and also as a night powder because of its slow digestion time. Egg white protein is also a great option. Different soy and vegetable based proteins are there but they lack the amino acid that animal based proteins have and soy especially has been seen to be good for the production of testosterone.

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