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Standards to Expect from an Air Duct Cleaning Company

If you are in the market to have an air duct cleaning in White Plains NY and surrounding areas provide service for your home or business, there are certain levels of standards you should expect. Air Duct cleaning is no different from any other service provider, and if you are educated on what to expect from these companies, you’ll know whether you are receiving a true return on your investment and that you’ve hired the right company for the job.

If you are going to have your air ducts cleaned, the company should always:

  • Open all access doors to inspect and clean the entire system. A reliable company is going to ensure to clean the entire system, not just easy to access areas. So make sure that you are aware of where your system begins and where it ends. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your service provider if they offer entire system cleaning, you have this right as a consumer.
  • They need to inspect the system prior to beginning the cleaning process to ensure no asbestos or asbestos materials are trapped in the cooling and heating systems. Asbestos material requires very special procedures and certified agents to perform them and should not be removed unless performed by trained and properly equipped contractors.
  • They need to use vacuum equipment that will exhaust all particles out of the home. If they use vacuuming equipment inside the house, they need to use HEPA or high-efficiency particle air vacuum equipment only.
  • They need to protect your carpet, furniture and other household items during the cleaning process. From time-to-time, dust particles and other materials can come loose and find their way embedded in your home furnishing. A quality duct working company will make sure to protect your important assets inside your home during an air duct cleaning.
  • They need to use high-quality soft brushes for fiberglass and sheet-metal duct works which are lined with fiberglass. This will ensure that the insulation does not get removed during the cleaning process. Also, fiberglass can be toxic if inhaled, so you don’t want to remove fiberglass particles into your air ducts. The soft brushes will eliminate this possibility.
  • The service provider needs to take care of protecting your duct work by ensuring to re-insulate any access areas that the duct cleaning company might have removed. This will ensure that your air ducts are air-tight and sealed correctly.
  • Most importantly, your service provider needs to follow the standards set forth by the NADCA and any standards set forth for cleaning fiber glass or fiber glass lined ducts. This is critical because this association’s primary goal is to protect consumers and the contractors from making mistakes in cleaning ducts.

The best practices for having air ducts cleaned will always come with experience and research. If there are any questions you have about what to expect from your air duct cleaning company in White Plains, NY, don’t hesitate to ask them first.

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