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How to Detect Heart Problems Overland Park

There are different ways of detecting heart problems. However, it is important to note that some heart diseases occur without any warning signals so it is important to get tested even if no symptoms have started manifesting. Early detection is what saves lives. In order for your doctor to make the diagnosis in good time, you must be very aware of some of the signs of heart disease. Here is how you can detect heart problems based on possible signs and symptoms.

To start with, you should understand whether you are considered at risk of developing heart problems. Heart problems are common among individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol at the waist and abdomen, a family history of heart disease and among smokers. The most common symptoms that can help you detect heart problems are fatigue, breathlessness, and chest pains. You may also experience a bloated stomach, palpitations, burning sensation in the chest and severe sweating. If all these symptoms sound familiar to you then you should visit your doctor who can help you detect heart problems Overland Park.

It is also important to check your pulse rate every once in a while especially if you are among the high risk groups. The normal pulse rate is usually 60 to 90 beats with a blood pressure of 120/80. People with heart problems have very abnormal pressure and pulse rate, that is, the numbers are usually higher or lower than normal. Checking your pulse rate can also help you to detect heart problems Overland Park early enough.

There are various tests, which can be done to diagnose heart problems. The most common ones are the EKG, cardiac MRI, physicals, and exercise stress test. With physicals, you can simply be requested to walk or run on a treadmill to determine how much blood flows to your heart during vigorous activities. Some of these tests used to detect heart problems are invasive whereas others are not. The earlier they are considered, the better. This is due to the fact that heart problems like sudden cardiac arrest can cause instant death and have to be detected early since they have no warning signals.

In conclusion, if you want to detect heart problems Overland Park, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor who will perform the necessary procedure to ensure you are safe and sound. The doctor will start by asking you a number of questions regarding some of the symptoms that you might be experiencing before going ahead to perform any tests. Heart testing is important if you want to detect heart problems early enough and increase your risk of being well. Bear in mind that prevention is way better than cure so do the necessary to prevent heart problems.

It is important to detect heart problems at Overland Park early enough if you want to save your life. Be very aware of some of the symptoms, which can alert you of an oncoming heart problem.