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Towing Denver Specialists Transport Vehicles Safely and Efficiently

Towing or pulling a car involves coupling a specific trailer to an automobile and pulling it behind. This action is not limited to only cars; motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles are commonly transported to other areas. Towing an automobile requires a powerful vehicle with a strong engine. When a vehicle breaks down on a roadway and requires transport to a repair center, usually a specially equipped tow truck is involved. A towing Denver service specializes in moving vehicles of all sizes from one location to another.

Towing Capacity Range If you are considering purchasing a vehicle specifically for towing purposes, it’s essential to ensure it has the proper specifications to do the job. Many SUVs and cars are simply not equipped to handle pulling heavy objects. Therefore, make certain you understand the towing capacity rating. The weight being towed should always be under the given maximum range. Failure to comply with these specifications can be hazardous. The total weight includes any passengers in the vehicle, full gas tank, along with the gross weight of the trailer itself.

Safe Towing Practices Towing capacity refers to maximum weight that can be pulled on an incline. When too heavy, this can potentially cause damage to the power train. It’s important to note that aggregate trailer weight along with carried load must be under the limit. Another factor when towing is tire pressure. Because of the heavy weight involved, tires are under higher pressure and should be adjusted accordingly. An underinflated tire is also a hazard as it can become overly hot and fail. Always keep an air pressure gauge handy to periodically check the tires.

Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles A four-wheel-drive with a manual transmission and transfer case combined with lockout hubs can be safely towed with all wheels grounded. However, to avoid transmission damage they must be disengaged. If the drive shaft is automatic, a shaft coupler is necessary. Many towing services will use a tow bar or an A-frame for these types of vehicles. As with any other towing situation, a fundamental rule is that the tow vehicle should always be larger than the object being pulled.

Necessary Precautions If you are towing a vehicle yourself, it’s not recommended to use a tow rope. Suddenly or unexpectedly hitting the brakes could cause both vehicles to violently collide. Before towing an automobile, make certain you understand the load limits to avoid damage. A towing Denver service has the appropriate equipment to safely transport vehicles.

Towing Denver – All Points Towing provides safe and damage-free towing in Denver. They are committed to providing reliable service and competitive pricing.