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What Are the Best Ways to Manage Asthma?

No one enjoys living with the symptoms of asthma, especially during the moments when you feel under attack and unable to breathe. It is not just a minor annoyance, but can lead to feelings of panic, anxiety, and nervousness, as well as create psychological and physiological trauma. While the condition may not ever just disappear and there may not be a catch-all natural asthma remedy, there are ways to manage and minimize the symptoms by taking control of your diagnosis and making a concerted effort to live a healthy life as someone who suffers from the disease.

In terms of treatment, it’s never a good idea to invest all your hope in one particular natural asthma remedy and disregard your regular schedule of treatments. Most people who have a form of severe asthma are on medication to treat symptoms. Supplementing the prognosis your doctor has given you with certain helpful diet and exercise regimens may help to alleviate some of your suffering. For instance, many people find that using various herbal products like pollen or various other natural remedies may be helpful in reducing problems, but you should exercise caution in making sure your treatment doesn’t further complicate your condition. If at all possible, work with your medical doctor to see if you can put together a plan to regulate the use of your medicine with an alternative natural asthma remedy in order to see what might work for you. Keeping a record or journal in which you record all of the times you suffer from symptoms and what you have used to alleviate them will help you to see more objectively what works best for you.

Asthma can be triggered by a host of stimuli: from pollution or the fragrance of someone’s cologne, to catching a cold or suffering from emotional stress and anxiety. Recognizing your triggers is key to controlling symptoms. Thinking clearly about what triggers specific episodes can help significantly on both avoiding triggers, as well as in understanding how your condition reacts and responds to the world around you.

Exercising and learning proper methods of relaxation and breathing have proven to be extraordinarily helpful to many people. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, and simply learning how to take in just enough oxygen for optimal breathing have been proven to help some people dramatically alleviate symptoms and even reduce the use of medicine. The Buteyko methods of normalizing breathing works both as a relaxation technique to reduce stress and diminish the potential for some triggers to incite an attack, but it has also been reported to be a very effective natural asthma remedy for many sufferers who have learned how to improve their breathing.

Natural Asthma Treatment – Asthma relief can be found by normalizing breathing. The Buteyko Center offers a free breathing test online and a free Buteyko Health Evaluation report with our recommendations. The test will help you determine whether your asthma may be improved through improved breathing techniques. Call (845) 684-5456.