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Can Adenoid Surgery be Avoided?

Adenoids, not to be confused with tonsils, are made up of lymphoid tissue in the upper pharynx. Enlarged adenoids are often the precursor to other health problems and symptoms that may not only decrease quality of life, but can also lead to more serious health concerns. When adenoids become increasingly enlarged, they cause the bronchial pathways to narrow and trigger the creation of more mucous; allowing less oxygen to reach vital parts of the body. This often leads to recurrent respiratory infections, chronic cold-like symptoms, coughing and hacking, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sleep, headaches, grogginess and a reduced ability to focus or concentrate; as well as the potential for more serious health problems. Most often, the presence of enlarged adenoids occurs in children, and as breathing pathways are blocked, a common recommendation is surgery to remove the adenoids.

Enlarged or infected adenoids can be very painful and cause a lot of hacking and coughing and misery, especially for children. The thought of just getting rid of them by adenoid surgery may seem like a logical choice, but unfortunately it isn’t always the best prognosis. Adenoids surgery is often not very effective. Recent studies have shown that children often improve and inflammation will decrease over time without surgery. Various alternative methods may be used to help alleviate symptoms of enlarged adenoids, as well, and at the very least can keep infected adenoids from spreading the infection to other parts of the body. Many people find good results from gargling with salt water, alternating between cold and hot water, in order to increase blood circulation near the adenoids and reduce swelling. Others report that mixing lemon juice with warm water and drinking it has helped some people to reduce the size of enlarged adenoids. Adding a bit of ginger to the drink for taste (and maybe some honey to sweeten it up a bit) has, according to some reports, worked wonders in both reducing swollen adenoids as well as eliminating the infection completely.

Other ways to fight off infection include drinking plenty of water and implementing healthy eating habits. A lot of junk food and processed foods weaken the immune system. Also, using natural products such as herbal tea, garlic, vitamin C, and goldenseal tend to help strengthen the immune system and fight off infection, eliminating the need for adenoids surgery.

Various breathing techniques can be taught to retrain the body to breathe normally so that the appropriate amount of oxygen enters the bloodstream, allowing the right levels of carbon dioxide to remain for the regulation of oxygen in the cells.

Adenoids Surgery – You can treat enlarged adenoids without surgery by normalizing your breathing and using oxygen efficiently. The Buteyko Center offers a free breathing test online and a free Buteyko Health Evaluation report with our recommendations. The test will help you determine whether your breathing may influence the condition of your adenoids and upper respiratory tract. Visit us at www.breathingcenter.com or call 845.684.5456