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Can I get Online Divorce?

An online divorce may be an option in some situations. In a case in which both parties agree to the divorce and to every other aspect of the divorce, it can happen very quickly. It is still important to work with a Naperville divorce lawyer to ensure your needs can be met. There are many decisions to be made in these situations, but in some situations, it is possible to pursue an online divorce.

Understanding What a Marriage Is
Working with a divorce lawyer is important in all situations as it helps to protect your rights throughout the process. In the eyes of the court, a marriage is a contract between two people. As a result, those two people can come together and terminate that contract. This is when it can be done easily and often online through filing documentation.

However, there are some situations where this is not that easy. For example, both parties have to agree on all aspects of the divorce to ensure it can go through like this. That is not common. Think about all of the decisions that have to be made. This includes things like selling assets and dividing debt, for example.

Another time when it is very important to work with a divorce lawyer in Naperville is when there are children involved. This makes it less likely that a simple online divorce can happen. There will need to be decisions made about the child’s life, where he or she will live, and how the parenting will be split. This can complicate a divorce process.

There Are Benefits and Drawbacks to an Online Divorce
If you choose not to use a divorce lawyer, it may seem like it costs less, but there are still court costs to pay. You may not have to go into court, which can be a benefit in some situations. You also can move through the process faster. These are some of the benefits you may see.

There are drawbacks, too. Without a divorce lawyer, you will not have someone working on your behalf and ensuring your rights are protected. That opens the door for complications later.

Is This Best for You?
It is important ot make the right decision in matters like this. If an online divorce is your goal and you can meet the requirements, at Keller Legal Services. For most others, working with a divorce lawyer in Naperville is essential.