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Tips on How to Build a Mobile Website

The number of web users that use mobile phones to access important web pages has been constantly increasing and has shown no signs of letting up. At first many web developers neglected this group of individuals but now, many smart website designers are shifting much attention to this group of website visitors. As a smart entrepreneur you should recognize the potential of mobile web users as it is a new and lucrative trend. Today’s consumers are more digitally centered: A mobile website should be a priority in order to enable your clients visit your page while on the move.

Most people would not know how to start to build a mobile website as most of them are majorly competent with web designs for PC’s. Here you will get tips on how to build a viable yet simple mobile website for your business.

First while you build a mobile website keep in mind that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The layout of a mobile website should not be complicated because unlike PC’s mobile phone navigation is a little bit cumbersome. First of all ensure that you put all the important links and functions at the top of the page for quick access. Secondly ensure that your page maximizes use of the up/down navigation while minimizing left/right navigation. Arrange content on your mobile website in column alignment which will ensure ease of navigation.

When you build a mobile website the information you want your users to get should not only be easily accessible but also easy to read. Most mobile web visitors are usually on the move while browsing a mobile website: So ensure that they do not strain to read the content. The use of titles and subtitles will be beneficial in helping determine the nominal font size that will not only be easily readable but also save on space.

When it comes to using images on a mobile website the best way to start is by ensuring you have lightweight images. Most mobile phones will take long to load heavyweight pictures. This makes the mobile website browsing slow and consequently boring for visitors. It has established that images with the file extensions .JPEG, .Png, .GIF and many other mobile image file extensions. These file extensions are relatively lightweight and will be easy to load and view. Other than this ensure that your mobile website images are compressed to avoid unnecessary zooming. Keep graphics to the minimum.

Lastly a mobile page should be compact. Most mobile web visitors are charged by service providers according to the amount of data bundles they use while browsing a website. So ensure that your mobile website is not unnecessarily costing your visitors too much for little information. Most mobile phones will load pages of 15KB to 20KB: Keep your page size at a maximum of 15KB. Once you have a mobile website use .mobi website extension to indicate it is for mobile phone use.

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