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Keep Your Baby OK With Safety Gates

The birth of a baby is definitely a reason to celebrate. But once the celebrations are over the work for raising the child begins. When a baby grows and learns to walk, it becomes quite important for the parents to keep their toddler safe and injury-free by installing necessary safety products. After all no one can keep an strict eye over the movements of the baby round the clock. The babies are quite anxious to study each every corner of the room. Therefore you need to install safety gates to ensure security of your baby from every potentially dangerous place at your home such as, stairs, kitchen, or an office room.

Whenever we hear the word gate usually a figure of wood and metal barrier emerge in front of us. But nowadays, you can also buy the baby safety gates made up of Plexiglas or high-strength fabrics. They are used at doorways and stairways. The safety gate easily fits inside a doorframe between two walls. The hardware mounted gates are the safest option which opens and closes similarly like a door and ensures complete protection of your little ones. They are attached to the wall with screws and banisters. They are best suited for the areas where your baby walks frequently.

You need to consider following points while choosing a baby safety gates:

  1. Ensure that the gates do not have openings to trap fingers or necks of the babies.
  2. Never use a pressure mounted gate between two rooms of varied levels and top of the stair as a baby can remove them easily.
  3. Do not use the gates that can swing at the top of the stairways
  4. Ensure that the gates do not posses any pointed or sharp edges.
  5. Do not use a gate that posses a structure which provides the child to hold his foot and climb on the gate.
  6. The minimum height of the gate and that of the baby should be same.

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