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Designing Mobile Websites – How They Work?

Mobile website development has significantly increased in the recent past. In actual sense, this is supposed to be modifying pre-existing websites to make them compatible with mobile devices. In order to design a mobile website you should possess the required skills and techniques to enable you quell the challenges that are associated with the purpose to design mobile website. Why has the design of mobile websites become proliferate? In the recent past, the introduction of mobile devices that can access the internet has been the talk of the day. This has left website designers to come up with web pages that are accessible mobile devices.

One step in the right direction for the purpose to design mobile website is the use of independent style sheets. This is achieved by designating a different style sheet to a mobile device. By introducing this style sheet to the website, you will be enabling mobile device support to your website. This is one method that has enabled millions of mobile devices to be able to access the internet with enough ease. In most cases, this is the most fundamental step to enabling any website to support mobile devices. This process is actually a bit complex although it has been simplified here.

What are style sheets and how do they enable a website to support mobile devices? Style sheets enable any kind of device to access a web page. In web designing, whether you want to design mobile website or not, style sheets are the ones to refer to. Since the introduction of internet access to mobile devices, web designers have been faced with a problem of enabling mobile devices to access the internet. But with their limited capacity in terms of bandwidth and screen size, another kind of style sheet had to be made. This is the reason why a specific kind of style sheet has to be introduces when you want to design a mobile website or enabling pre-existing ones to accessible by different mobile devices.

How does a mobile device access the Internet? As indicated earlier, the most fundamental step is to introduce a style sheet that is specific to a mobile device. This is usually followed by using several methods to enable the mobile device to access the web pages. One of the main methods that are used for this is end user agent detection. In this method, the server to a particular website identifies that a mobile device is requesting for data and redirects it to a sub domain that has been designed specifically for a website.

Another method is where device is detected on the client side. In this method, detection is based on the client and not on the server. What about newer devices? You might ask this question because there are new mobile devices every day. In order to support the latest devices, media queries have been introduced. The main advantage that is associated with media queries is that they allow styles users to target styles to the device width.

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