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Why Is Sedation Dentistry Needed?

For many individuals the thought of going to the dentist can be very scary. This is especially true for young children, people with mental problems and also for elderly individuals with Alzheimer’s. Just the thought of the dental drill or even having to open their mouth for someone with a mask on can invoke anxiety in many. If you are one of these people or have a family member who is, then you may want to make special arrangements with your dentist for sedation dentistry in Woodbridge VA. Sedation dentistry in Woodbridge VA helps to keep patients calm as well as relaxed while they receive dental treatment. Some of these sedatives can include tranquilizers, nitrous oxide and anti-anxiety medications. In the past these sedatives had to be administered through an IV which didn’t seem to help the situation at all because if they are scared to be at the dentist, they are probably terrified of needles, but with medical advancements, sedation dentistry in Woodbridge VA now has an alternative to the IV. Most sedatives can now be taken orally or they can be given through a gas mask to help them relax before procedures.

Before your dentist can provide any type of sedative they will have to do a pre-treatment consultation so that they can review your dental history and also review your medical conditions if there are any that may have a reaction to any sedatives that they would administer. They may also want to advise you on specific foods that you may or may not eat prior to your treatment. Because you will be taking a sedative, you dental office may also require that you have a friend or family member to drive you to your appointment and pick you up. If you are undergoing a lengthy procedure then it may benefit you to look into sedation dentistry in Woodbridge VA, especially if you have several procedures that need to be performed in one sitting. With sedation dentistry you will be able to eliminate several appointments and get all of the work done at once. You will also be able to relieve your anxiety of dental treatments and will more likely return to get the proper care that your teeth will need in the future.

Consult with your dentist about sedation dentistry in Woodbridge VA to see if it is a solution to your anxiety or the anxiety of a family member about the dentist. Sedation dentistry in Woodbridge VA will help to calm your fears so that you can get the proper care that you need for your teeth.