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Things to Know About Dethatching Lawn Service in Bethesda

There are several lawn service providers in Bethesda, but do you know what service is needed for your lawn? Here you will learn about an important aspect of lawn care, which is called dethatching. In case, you have a lawn that is designed in a simple manner and the area is small as well, then you can consider dethatching on your own. Make sure that you can rake and get the built up off from beneath the grass. If you are not too sure about doing this properly, then you should hire the expert professionals.

No Use of Chemicals

While hiring a lawn service provider in Bethesda, you have to ensure that they are not using any chemical products. These products can do the job of dethatching easily, but the horticulturists do not prefer this process. When such chemical products are regularly used without proper knowledge and application, the grass and plants can be damaged. Make sure that your chosen service provider is equipped with right tools or dethatching attachments that are compatible with mower. Usage of proper tools ensures that the grass and plants on your lawn are safe.

Buying Power Dethatchers

You may consider buying power dethatchers as it will help you to conduct the process on your own. Don’t make such investment because these tools are quite costly and the process of dethatching is not required frequently as well. In addition, you may not know the best time for doing dethatching and thus the role of an expert is prominent. It is better that you hire a lawn service provider in Bethesda that can do the job at right time and in the right way.

Best Time for Dethatching

It is recommended by the professionals that dethatching process should be conducted only when the climate is suitable. It means the ideal time for the process is when the climate favors growth of grass. When the condition is not suitable for growth like during hot whether conditions, it is not suitable to conduct the process as it can be very tough.

If the conditions are good and dethatching is done accordingly, the grass will make timely recovery and the weeds will not spoil the look of your lawn. While opting for a service provider, ask them when they conduct the process of dethatching. Opt for the one that conducts the process during early fall or late spring as these periods are suitable for lawn maintenance jobs. The experts must be able to judge the climatic conditions and the type of grass on your lawn.

It is for sure that you will not like to make your lawn look like a disaster stricken area because of improper dethatching process. If your lawn produces lot of thatch then the process can be conducted three to four times in a year. Consult with your service provider and ensure the right time and process of dethatching along with lawn maintenance. Considering all these aspects will make sure that your lawn looks are remains beautiful.

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