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The Advantages of Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Home

If you are looking for assistance in helping a relative who needs assistance find a new living situation, you will want to consider an assisted living home for its many advantages over a nursing home in the Southern Maryland area. What matters to you is that your loved one is well cared for and happy. With all the advantages available at an assisted living home, chances are that they will become well-adjusted and happy residents within a short time of moving in.

Better Medical Care
Southern Maryland nursing homes do not have the medical support that you will find in an assisted living home. In an assisted living home, help is available for residents no matter what their medical circumstances. There is a doctor, nurse, podiatrist, physical therapist, occupational therapist available as needed. Hospice care is also available. You can rest assured that your loved one will receive excellent medical attention at an assisted living home.

More Independence and Freedom
Nursing homes are not independent living facilities. If residents are able to move about freely without assistance, They have the freedom of living in their own apartment as well as moving about the grounds freely. Residents are allowed to live as independently as possible.

More Like a Residence
Nursing home rooms are often little more than hospital rooms. For residents who are physically able, they can move into a senior apartment. These apartments are well furnished and come with many amenities including a beautifully furnished living space, Direct TV, laundry services, cleaning services, and meals that are prepared for them. Your loved one will enjoy privacy, dignity, and independence when living in a senior apartment at an assisted living home.

Fun-filled Activities
Activities are available for residents who wish to participant on and off the farm grounds. Special outings are planned off-site and well as many special events on the grounds. This is something you will not find at a nursing home in Southern Maryland.

As you can see, there are many advantages for your loved one in an assisted living home that would not be available to them as the resident of a nursing home. Why not contact the staff at an assisted living home who will be happy to answer any questions you have about assisted living? After all, it is your loved one’s wellness and happiness that is most important.

There are many reasons your loved one will prefer a Assisted Living Home over a nursing home in Southern Maryland. At Taylor Farm Assisted Living, residents are treated with dignity, respect, and allowed to live as independently as possible. For those needing medical assistance; a doctor, nurse, or other health care professional is readily available. You loved one will enjoy a beautiful country farm atmosphere while getting all the assistance they need. For more information about obtaining assisted living for your loved one or family member, visit the website Page.