How to Stop Teeth Grinding with Help from Quince Orchard Dental Care Near Rockville MD

Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding, a habit that is commonly practiced by both children and adults. It is estimated that up to 31% of the population has practiced bruxism. Not all teeth grinders are aware of what they’re doing, and not all experience severe repercussions from this habit. However, if the practice of bruxism is interfering with your life and health, then it’s time to seek treatment at a dentist’s office like Quince Orchard Dental Care near Rockville, MD. There are special dental appliances and behavior modifications that can help stop teeth grinding.

Before examining the solutions to bruxism, you should fully understand it. Bruxism is any oral parafunctional activity. In other words, it’s anything you do with your teeth that’s unrelated to everyday functions like chewing food and speaking. If you don’t literally grind your teeth, but you clench your jaw or click your teeth together, that’s still bruxism. If it isn’t stopped, bruxism can lead to undue wear of enamel, and even fractures. In severe cases, patients have ground teeth down to stumps or loosened teeth until they fell out completely.

Teeth grinding is often attributed to stress and anxiety. Some children do it simply because they like the sound it makes, unaware that it’s a bad habit. Sometimes, simple behavior modifications provide a solution. Just knowing that teeth grinding is unhealthy can help deter it. You should refrain from chewing on non-food items such as pencils, since this encourages jaw clenching. Instead, gently place your tongue between your teeth. This puts your jaw in a relaxed position. Also refrain from caffeine and alcohol, which can encourage jittery, nervous movements.

When behavior modification isn’t enough, you can make the short trip from Rockville to Quince Orchard Dental Care and inquire about a mouth guard. An impression of your jaw will be taken so that your mouth guard can be fitted just for you. Since each mouth guard is molded of acrylic and custom made for the individual, it is very comfortable and effective. The mouth guard is ideal for nighttime wear. This is important, since many “bruxers” grind their teeth in their sleep. Further tooth damage is prevented, allowing the dentist to repair any existing damage. With your dentist’s help, you can put an end to teeth grinding and any related damage or discomfort.

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