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How Inlays and Onlays Differ for Dentistry in Morgan Hill CA

There are two commonly used fillings used in a plan for dentistry in Morgan Hill CA. These are known as inlays and onlays. These have to be treated the right way if you want to secure your teeth. However, you should be aware of what these two functions for your teeth can do and how they can be very different from one another.

How Inlays Work

An inlay is a material that is placed in a tooth when it is damaged to the point where a filling cannot be added. This is used to cover over the chewing surface of a tooth. This is an area that is on the inside part in between the cusps of the tooth. It is treated with a color that is similar to what your tooth normally has and can be carefully bonded.

The inlay requires a mold that reviews the shape of your tooth. It often takes two visits to get an inlay ready although you might get it in one visit depending on the technology that your dentist has to work with. A bonding material also has to be used to get the inlay ready so it can stay on your teeth.

How Onlays Work

Onlays are also offered as a part of dentistry in Morgan Hill CA. Like inlays, onlays are made with appearances that are colored like your normal teeth and can be applied with bonding procedures. You can also get an impression to measure the way how the onlay is going to work on the tooth that needs to be treated carefully.

The onlay is going to handle a very different part of the tooth. It handles a larger part of the tooth that has been chipped off. This can include a cusp that is on one of the corners of the tooth. This is used to repair issues that come with the tooth losing part of its foundation in some cases.

It is often more important to get an onlay sooner because the damages to a tooth at a corner could be serious. It can keep the surface of a spot from being safe. In some cases there’s a risk that you might need to get a root canal if something is not done sooner. An onlay should help keep you from dealing with serious hassles.

What Do You Need?

The service that you need should be analyzed by your dentist. Your dentist needs to make an impression of your tooth and examine the risk of damages in the area. The dentist also has to see how large a chip or other breakage point might be. The goal is to figure out what kind of service you should get depending on the damages.

Inlays and onlays are similar yet different in terms of where they can go. These are handled for plans relating to dentistry in Morgan Hill CA to make sure that your teeth are secured and ready for handling different functions. These are made with realistic appearances and can prevent further damages from occurring and keeping you from being as safe as possible.

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