Avoiding New Septic Systems Installation in Davidsonville MD with Proper Maintenance

We don’t think much about our septic systems until there’s an issue. Paying for Septic Systems Installation Davidsonville MD is an expensive proposition-;and you will be unable to use your bathroom fully until the job is done. To avoid sudden (and unpleasant) problems, you should keep your septic system and tank working as efficiently and as long as possible using the tips below.

Limit Drainage into Septic Area

If too much water drains into your septic system, it will become overworked, and solid waste will be pushed out into the drain field before it’s properly broken down. Ensure that your downspouts aren’t directed toward the area where your septic tank is located.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

Corrosive and chemical cleaners can cause damage to your septic system, killing off the beneficial bacteria which break down solid waste into harmless substances. Depending on the amount and frequency of cleanser use, some or all of the bacteria could be killed. When the waste breakdown process is inhibited, waste builds up until it comes out of any available opening (including drains in your home). Be selective when using chemicals to clean your toilets, tubs, sinks and drains.

Use Septic Tank Treatments

If you’ve already dumped chemical cleaning products into your tank, bacteria levels may already be diminished. There are various tank treatments which replace the beneficial bacteria, keeping levels up high enough to keep up with waste creation. Simply use as directed on the package, and you will quickly replenish bacteria while reducing the possibility of a nasty back-up.

Keep Trees Away

Avoid planting trees near your septic system; keep them at least one hundred feet away to minimize the risk of root damage. Trees with fast and aggressively-growing roots should be planted an even greater distance away from your tank.

Contractors who specialize in Septic Systems Installation MD will offer a few tips by which you can extend the useful life of your septic tank, and some are easier than others-;but all are equally important. It’s easy to forget about septic tank maintenance, but proper upkeep will ensure that you will never have to deal with the hassles and unsanitary conditions created by a septic system failure.

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