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The Action Seen in Lacrosse Leagues Worldwide

Lacrosse leagues are growing in numbers with each passing day, ensuring that more and more people are able to see the action and excitement which the sport provides. Like most other sports, lacrosse came from humble beginnings and started in one small area, but with the passage of time rose to prominence as more people were made aware of it until it eventually became a sport which is enjoyed by millions of people on an international level.

The Birth of Lacrosse Leagues

Lacrosse is a sport which over time has proven to be very popular in America, being played predominantly in the USA and Canada. It has its roots in other sports which were played as far back as 1100, but the sport which is mostly the same as the one played today was developed around the end of the 19th century. It gained popularity quickly and became a regional favorite by the beginning of the 20th century and already it was played in schools and universities. To this day, that is the area where lacrosse gets the most attention, as the championship held by the NCAA is widely admired and viewed by millions of fans. When box lacrosse was invented, which was the same basic sport but on a smaller scale, it became even bigger since it started being played inside arenas. In the 80s both the USA and Canada saw the birth of lacrosse leagues which dealt with box lacrosse.

The Most Popular Lacrosse Leagues Today

The American lacrosse league which dealt with box lacrosse eventually evolved into what is known today as the National Lacrosse League, which now features clubs from 12 different cities spread out through the USA and Canada. In 2001, another league was started called Major League Lacrosse which dealt with the more traditional field lacrosse. It started out small with just three clubs but it soon added three more and most likely will expand yet again soon. These two together are the biggest lacrosse leagues in America today.

International Lacrosse Leagues

For the most part, lacrosse was played almost exclusively in America. However, as the popularity of the sport grew, it began to have a presence in the UK and Australia, as well. Several world championships started being held with participation from a number of different countries. This eventually led to the appearance of the European Lacrosse Federation, the first of the international lacrosse leagues. For the most part, men and women’s lacrosse were governed by different bodies. However, this came to a halt in 2008 when these bodies were unified and formed the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) which, to this day, remains the biggest lacrosse organization in the world.

Lacrosse leagues have a diverse and interesting history which should fascinate anybody that has a passion for this sport. If this has peaked your interest, Visit Madlax.com.