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Steps Involved in Flat Roof Repair in Gainesville VA

Most of flat roof issues are water related, as unlike sloping roofs water stays here, which may cause penetration inside the building. The problem varies depending on the finished material applied to the roof surface. But, in any case a seal is required to avoid leakage; moreover proper drainage should also be given on flat roof. There are many companies providing various services regarding roof repair in Gainesville VA, but there are certain issues, which can be solved with little effort.

  • If a part of the roof surface gets damaged, or cracks appear, you can easily treat them following various steps as below,
  • First most important step is to clean the damaged area, so that it gets free from dust, or debris etc, as otherwise it will create a hindrance while applying cement. This happens because dirt makes the material greasy, which repels cement or adhesive.
  • Then take a sharp knife, and remove the effected part, so that it could be treated. It would be better to do it in a square form.
  • The material you want to apply should be cut having same size of the square, but you need more tiles or shakes if more area is damaged.
  • Then make a cement mortar, having same color as that of the tile so that it matches with the entire roof.
  • Take some of the mortar, and apply it on the area where tile is required, but do not over do it as excess of cement will drip around from the applied tile creating a bad appearance.
  • Then place the tile over the cement, pressing with soft hands, whereas if shingle is used then rest of overlapping shingles needs to be nailed. This method of flat roof repairing is very common in Gainesville VA.
  • Make a large piece of shingle, and apply it to the lower layer by nailing. Moreover, the piece should be larger than the lower layer i.e. at least one inch more from all the sides.
  • Edges of this top layer should be tightly sealed with cement.

If there are ceramic tiles on roof, and any of its part is damaged, then remove that broken tile and apply the new one with mortar. Hammer it lightly, and let it dry for a day or so. While doing this beware of weather, as don’t do it in rainy season. Always keep extra tiles at home, because sometimes it’s difficult to get the same old model, and color. Never walk on the repaired portion until it gets dried.

Similarly, sometimes more than one tile is broken, which you have to replace. If so, the newly placed tile should be compatible with the old one. If old tiles are laid diagonally then new tiles should be the same way. Following all these steps, you can easily do a process of roof repair for any building. But, if you can’t do it, you should consult an expert, which you can easily find in Gainesville VA.

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