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Be Ready For Anything With 72 Hour Kits In Utah

You never know when disaster can strike. An earthquake, flood, fire or tornado can leave you without power or no way to get food. That’s why it’s important to start thinking about 72 hour kits in Utah. You hope that you never have to use them, but it’s nice to have them there in case you do.

There are many companies that sell 72 hour kits in stores and online, but be careful of which one you buy. Some kits are manufactured in China and are poor quality. You want to make sure you are finding the best kit and there are some ways to ensure you are purchasing a good kit.

The first thing you should look for in a 72 hour kits in Utah is the food. High quality, freeze dried food will be the healthiest and lightest weight option. Freeze dried food is easy to store and carry in your kit. It has a long shelf life and only needs a bit of water to reconstitute. Food that is easy to open is also ideal.

More important than water is a portable water treatment filter. Water stored in your 72 hour kit can go bad after years of just sitting there, so it’s important to have some sort of water treatment so you can clean and drink any water you come in contact with.

Your 72 hour kit should come in a durable, comfortable to wear backpack. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold all of your food and supplies and still feel ok to wear. If you have to walk or travel with the backpack, you want it made of good material so it doesn’t tear or fall apart on you.

Other than food, there are several items 72 hour kits in Utah should include. A flashlight, candles, matches, a radio with batteries, a can opener, a pocket knife, toiletries, a first aid kit, cleaning supplies, medications, clothing and blankets. These are just a few of the items that should be included in your 72 hour kit. Make sure you also have a credit card and some cash tucked away in your kit.

Being prepared and ready to go in an emergency situation is important and should be a topic of discussion in every family. Have a plan and a meeting point so if there is an emergency or disaster, everyone knows where to go. Keep your 72 hour kit where it is easily accessible and most importantly, keep calm in a disaster situation. If you are prepared with 72 hour kits in Utah, you won’t have any reason to panic.

72 Hour Kits Utah – Contact us to get your 72 hour kits in Utah. It’s important to be prepared for anything and that includes having 72 hour kits in Utah stored and ready to go for emergency situations.