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What you need to know about Physical Therapy

Physical therapy in Nyack, Nanuet is a unique blend of art and science that utilizes an extensive range of procedures for reducing pain. It restores the body function and prevents any kind of future injury. The talented clinical team makes individual treatment plans for achieving specific goals of every patient. Once the initial diagnosis and physical examination is completed, patients are asked to select a physical therapy.

During the first visit, patient will undergo initial evaluation. Based on the evaluation, individual treatment program is designed. The prescription from physician can help patients to meet their rehabilitative needs. Some treatments for physical therapy in Nyack, Nanuet include electric stimulation, ultrasound, heat, ice, whirlpool, traction, manual therapy and therapeutic exercises as well.

There are different types of therapists who can be called as physical therapists. These include – chiropractors, masseurs, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Physical therapy clinics offer the following services

  • Range of flexibility/motion
  • Endurance/strength training

Balance retaining and gait training

Wound and burn care

Injury and ergonomics prevention

Joint/myofascial mobilization of extremities/spine

Prosthetic training

Who can benefit from physical therapy in Nyack, Nanuet

Physical therapy treatment can offer relief to patients suffering from following problems –

  • Lower back and neck problems
  • Arthritis in single or multiple joints

Orthopedic conditions or fracture

Arm, waist and shoulder problems

Muscle strains and common sprains

Sports related injuries

Finding physical therapy programs

There are a lot of physical therapy programs in Nyack, Nanuet you can choose from. Massage, direct application or cold or heat and traction are commonly used physical techniques. The traction method uses mechanical apparatus for stretching ligaments and back muscles for relieving the pressure on inter vertebral discs and spinal nerves. Irrespective of the treatment you choose, all techniques create nerve impulses that enter the brain and spinal cord with pain relieving consequences.

With a number of different treatment centers offering physical therapy in Nyack, Nanuet, ensure that you look for the best one around. Ask your family or friends for references, if any. You can also visit forums and blogs to look for the best physical therapy centers around you. As most clinics now have their presence online, you can have better chances of opting for the best one. Besides the clinic, you should also look for the experience of the therapist.

Keeping the above things in mind, you can easily look for the best physical therapist within your proximity.

Physical therapy Nyack, Nanuet – Looking for physical therapy? Integrated Medical Care provides physical therapy that helps improve an individual’s mobility or relieving his/her pain.