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Release Endorphins for Lower Back Pain

Thousands of New Yorkers suffer from lower back pain and never do anything about it. The assumption is often that living with debilitating pain is somehow just part of the aging process to be dealt with grimly, if not with a daily scattering of bitter complaints. Seeing chiropractorsinNyack for back pain, however, can produce great result, diminish pain or even eliminate it, allowing you to function in a healthy and vital way.

If you go to a medical doctor for back pain, her approach is likely going to differ from what you can expect from chiropractorsinNyack.Medical doctors are trained to isolate pain and treat for symptoms without taking into consideration a more holistic perspective. ChiropractorsinNyackare more likely to treat your back pain in the context of the rest of your body and history, and instead of having the goal of merely treating symptoms and alleviating pain, they will seek to provide ways for you to reach optimal health.

One way that you can relieve back pain temporarily in addition to seeing chiropractorsinNyack for further evaluation and recommendations is to learn how to release endorphins into your system. Endorphins are strong hormones made by your body that can provide significant relief naturally. They can be as strong and effective as narcotic painkillers. Endorphins work by basically blocking signals that are sent to the brain, which is where all pain, pleasure and other sensation really occurs. Not only do they help to alleviate pain in your back, but they are also useful in calming anxious thoughts, dealing with stress and anxiety, and even improving your outlook if you are suffering from depression.

The most efficient way that your body produces endorphins is through exercise that stimulates your heart and lungs – in other words, aerobics. Most people have experienced a “runner’s high” as the result of endorphins. Exercise that gets your blood pumping but doesn’t exacerbate physical or emotional stress will help to release endorphins into your blood stream and will have positive results.

With a painful back, one might question the apparent “Catch-22” of advice that requires movement, which causes pain, to relieve pain. ChiropractorsinNyack have methods of getting around this apparent obstacle, such as water therapy. Gravity is slightly handcuffed in the water, and getting the blood flowing in the water can be a great way of getting a full aerobic workout without pain, and releasing endorphins into your system.

A chiropractic doctor can recommend a specific regimen suited and tailored specifically to your physical condition with the objective of improving your total health.

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