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Physical Therapy for Sciatica

The term sciatica is descriptive of a general symptom of a medical condition (rather than a description of a medical condition). It is a word that describes symptoms rather than a word that can specifically refer to a precise medical dilemma or diagnosis. As such, it is characterized by the following:

  • Persistent pain in one of your buttocks or legs that grows worse in a sitting position;
  • A burning or tingling sensation that moves down the affected area;
  • Extreme difficulty is moving the affected area (i.e., the leg or foot);
  • Sharp pains that make it extremely difficult to sit up or stand.

One of the remedies that New York residents have to relieve sciatica symptoms is the use of physicaltherapy exercises as prescribed by a licensed physical therapist in Nanuet. Physicaltherapy (PT) can integrate and implement various exercises to strengthen, stretch and use aerobics to condition your muscles in order to show improvement and the decrease or elimination of symptoms. There are three general areas that are usually the focus of physicaltherapy in Nanuet for sciatica, as follows:

Strengtheningexercises: The spinal column as associated muscles, tendons for flexibility and ligaments for joints can all be strengthened through specific exercises designed for particular, individual needs in the context of professional physicaltherapy in Nanuet. The foci of attention in these therapeutic exercises is the lower back muscles, but also include abdominal muscles, and the gluteus and hip muscles as well. Physicaltherapy designed to strengthen weakened muscles help prevent further deterioration due to stress.

Stretchingexercises: Tight and stiff muscles in the lower back and gluteus can cause significant pain. Any exercise program for physicaltherapy intended to address sciatica will include stretches that attempt to loosen these muscles and make them more flexible. As a result, they will tend to be less painful as well.

Aerobicexercise: Exercise than addresses your breathing and the health of your heart will probably be included in a program intended to reduce sciatica. The flow of nutrients through your body is necessary for healing and optimal health, and this is encouraged and enhanced by aerobic exercise. It also releases endorphins, which are chemical hormones that are effective in relieving symptoms of pain.

What your individual exercise regime will consist of specifically is totally dependent on your own physical situation and the discretion of your physical therapist. Physicaltherapy in Nanuet is highly individualized in order to meet specific needs and bring about the optimal healing that is necessary to eliminate pain in your lower back, buttocks and legs.

Physical therapy Nanuet – Integrated Medical Care offers quality physical therapy to patients in Nanuet helping them recover from an injury or surgery.