Improve That Smile Using Dental Veneers in South Loop Sep29


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Improve That Smile Using Dental Veneers in South Loop

There are a number of cosmetic dental procedures to improve a smile such as whitening, shaping, and bonding, but very few of them compare with veneers. This is mostly because the veneer is designed to cover a variety of problems and it works for multiple teeth. To put it simply, Dental Veneers in South Loop is a thin shell designed to cover the front or visible portion of the teeth. This means it is possible to cover up serious stains, misshapen teeth, crooked teeth, gaps, and a number of other concerns. No other dental procedure can fix so many issues.

For the veneer to work properly, it must be both strong and well-fitting. The strength comes from the material the veneer is made from. This is normally porcelain because it provides a beautiful, tooth-colored appearance while being hard enough to handle everyday use such as eating and biting foods. A strong material like porcelain is necessary because the veneer is very thin in order to provide a snug fit. This gives Dental Veneers in South Loop the appearance of being natural teeth.

The actual process of applying Dental Veneers in South Loop is pretty easy. The dentist will begin with a casting of the teeth to be covered. Since the veneer is only placed on the front teeth, this should be relatively quick. The casting is used to create a working mold which is then used to check the way the veneer fits. This allows technicians to create unique veneers very quickly.

People often wonder why the veneer is so successful. Perhaps it is because of the many advances made in this procedure. Early veneering methods required a lot of filing and shaping to get the veneer to fit. This was usually a necessity since the old type of Dental Veneers in South Loop were a lot thicker and needed more room to place them. Modern veneers also stay in place much better because of the better epoxies that are now available. The epoxy is the resin used to glue the veneer over the front of the teeth. This requires extra strength as well or the veneer would never stay in place. If it is time to consider veneers, then contact the South & West Loop Dental today.