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What Is Fiberglass Insulation

The fiberglass insulation in Green Bay is an insulation that is man-made. It is a construction material that helps to keep your home warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. It is also effective in reducing sound transmission, helpful if you have teenagers at home. It is made from bundles of extremely thin strands of glass or from sand and recycled glass. Because of this it has a high surface area to weight ratio which makes it both lightweight and cost effective. You will find this type of insulation in both residential and commercial buildings. Some fiberglass insulation is packaged in rolls, This type of packaging makes it easy to install along walls and in attics of homes under construction.

Fiberglass insulation in Green Bay is likely the most recognized insulation used in home construction. Because of the rising costs of home construction it is a cost effective option for home builders. Fiberglass insulation works by creating pockets of air which makes the thermal insulator. When purchasing insulation you want to look at the R-factor more than the thickness of the insulation. The R-factor is the rating the insulation industry uses to rate the insulation’s ability to stop heat flow from escaping in the winter and keeping cool air in during summer months.

Although the most familiar type of fiberglass insulation in Green Bay is the rolls, call batts. It also comes in loose fill. The batts will come with a backing that is designed to create a vapor barrier. You can also find batts that are completely enclosed a plastic for easier handling. The backing should always be placed facing the heated area of the structure.

The loose fill fiberglass insulation is also known as blown-in insulation. You will likely want this done by a professional with the equipment to do the job right. Blow-in insulation is shredded or chunks of fiberglass insulation that is blown across an area at a predetermined depth. If you are using the blow-in type for walls there is a way to capture the insulation into the walls before the drywall is put up.

The majority of American homes and a significant number of homes in the developed world use fiberglass insulation. Because of its popularity and because the manufacturers of fiberglass insulation wanted to respond to the global awareness of conservation, a lot of the fiberglass insulation is now made with recycled materials.

Fiberglass insulation in Green Bay is an effective way to insulate your home. It helps to reduce your overall energy costs. Having a professional install your fiberglass insulation in Green Bay will to insure that the job is done right.