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Energy Reduction Solutions For HVAC And Other Systems

There is no doubt that configuring your building’s energy performance to the rules set by government can be a tough task if you choose not to use energy incentives. Yes, the very first part of redesigning the energy consumption protocol of your buildings is through the use of incentives provided by private and government bodies. In most cases, the energy conservation measures provided by professionals who undertake the building audit, involves the use of many energy reduction solutions. You will need to use these energy reduction solutions for different parts of the building. Start with the HVAC system and complete the process with the up-gradation of other systems.

HVAC: The performance of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is the most important aspect of using these energy reduction solutions. Remember, the HVAC system of your home or business establishment consumes the maximum energy. It is responsible for those extensive energy bills that you have to pay. One of the energy conservation measures, which is commonly suggested for such buildings, is the replacement of motors and compressors which are unable to perform to its expectations. In order to give your building a strong HVAC performance, make sure multiple units are used to prevent any form of high peak usage. The use of multiple units can be controlled and monitored closely using highly integrated systems. In many cases, existing systems are replaced using geothermal or solar systems.

Lighting: The light systems used in buildings can be responsible for high energy consumption. This is particularly true for commercial and industrial buildings, which use extensive flood lights to light up certain important areas. Most professionals suggest you go for use of high efficiency bulbs in your lighting system. In addition, the reflector design helps light up huge spaces using a single source of light, thereby, saving you a great amount of money. Use of occupancy and motion sensors will give you task lighting which further reduces the energy consumption levels of your building.

As already mentioned, you need to use the services of a privately run or government body in order to run the building audit. Most of these companies offer energy incentives that help you complete the redesigning process. By using efficient and well planned energy reduction solutions, Fairfield County building owners can easily attain ideal energy consumption statistics in their buildings.

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