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Celebrities that Flaunt Authentic Chanel Purses

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman, written by Karen Karbo was published in 2009. This alone goes to show what an icon Coco Chanel and her brand are. The novel chronicles the grandeur of Coco Chanel’s achievements and recommends that people should derive inspiration from her personality, to embrace the tiny moments and live life on their own terms. For such reasons and the timeless designs, authentic Chanel purses have been the crowning glory of many a celebrity wardrobe.

Top Stars that Flaunt Authentic Chanel Purses

Celebrities are constantly under pressure to look their best. Haunted and followed by the media and in consequence constantly judged and critically analyzed in terms of how they look, celebrities cannot afford to go awry in terms of fashion. Their choice of clothes and accessories has to be impeccable and high fashion. Here is a list of some of your favorite celebs who flaunt authentic Chanel purses:

Nicole Richie

Daughter of singer Lionel Richie, Nicole is a renowned fashion designer, singer, author and an actor. Her obsession for Chanel bags could never be hidden from the media. She herself declared somewhere around the end of 2010 that she owns at least 30 authentic Chanel purses.

Blake Lively

A rising actress and face of the popular TV series 90210, Blake Lively was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld (the creative director of Chanel) as the official face of the “MADEMOISELLE” line. She was recently spotted carrying a metallic cobalt blue version of the 2.55, which is the signature Chanel purse.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

The American actress, producer and former singer and writer was also spotted in a quilted black and golden, two-stringed, hung by the shoulder Chanel handbag. She decided to carry her priced possession on a shopping spree and got noticed.

Cameron Diaz

American actress and former model, Cameron Diaz was spotted in June 2011, sporting a tote by Chanel while on a tour to promote her movie, Bad Teacher. Totes are also, especially popular amongst the fashion forward clientele that often buy pre-owned designer bags.

Miley Cyrus

The teen sensation Miley Cyrus thought it was good idea to balance her casual look with a glamorous Chanel shoulder bag as she and her boyfriend, Liam went for a stroll in the summer of 2011. Growing teens that have a fetish for such bags can now own them at discounted prices by purchasing carefully handled pre-owned authentic Chanel purses.

With online retail outlets that allow you to purchase pre-owned, untarnished handbags at unbelievable discounts, you too can own authentic Chanel purses without burning a hole in your pocket. But do make sure, the retailers guarantee authenticity so that you don’t end up with cheap replicas instead.

If you want to place an order for pre-owned or never used before authentic Chanel purses, visit Fashionphile.com. They are accredited by the better business bureau. They have been featured by the Forbes, vogue and other magazine and journals as one of the best retail shops for designer bags.