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2 Types of Outdoor Lights

According to the SBI report, the outdoor lighting apparatus market grew from $2.8 billion to $2.9 billion in between 2004 and 2005. This is not surprising when the large number of people opting for outdoor lights is taken into consideration. While some lights serve cosmetic purpose of highlighting and accentuating a desired area, others may be used to scare away vandals and intruders. The lighting solution must be chosen based on the functionality to which they will be put to use. To this end, it is recommended that buyers should first determine the purpose of installing the lights.

2 Most Important Functions of Outdoor Lights

The following are the two main types of outdoor lights which perform two different functions:

  1. Maintenance of safe and secure premises

Some of the major types of security lights are flood lights, motion-detectors, light sensors and timing devices. These lights are generally strong and enable you to detect any kind of movement. When installed at a significant height, they can highlight all the shadows in and around the area which makes it difficult for intruders to hide. Well lit areas not only demotivate vandals attempting damage to property but also avoid accidents caused by stumbling over objects in the dark. Installing such systems also ensures that insurance companies charge fewer premiums due to the precautions taken by a homeowner. Combined with an alarm system, outdoor lights can make breaking into your homes difficult.

  1. Add cosmetic beauty

The second form of outdoor lights serves the purpose of accent lighting. Such outdoor lights products are built to add to the cosmetic beauty of your house by highlighting a particular spot or areas. Accents are available in a wide range from dim lights to bright lights. They can be put around structures and sculptures to add to the beauty or simply around walkways to give a plush feel to the yard. Though people have been known to use accent lighting to create a natural daylight effect, experts are not afraid to play with shadows as well. Lights that accentuate your property can be either installed as overhead lights to elongate a shadow or ground lights to light up a structure, a shrub or a sculpture. They can also be used around the swimming pool. If waterproof lighting solutions are used, a person can even illuminate his pool and water pond to highlight fishes and other aquatic animals.

Getting multipurpose outdoor lights may help you maintain the safety of your premises, at the same time, making it look beautiful. To get such versatile lighting solutions, you can visit www.lampsusa.com.