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How to Refinish Garage Doors in Rancho Cucamonga

If your garage door is beginning to look dull, has chipping paint, or is simply no longer pleasing to look at, refinishing it to freshen it up can be fun and easy. Since garage doors are exposed to the elements constantly, there is probably going to come a time when yours will need refinishing, even if that time is not right now. But, this is a project that you can do yourself, though having an assistant would probably be of great help. Follow these general steps to learn how to refinish garage doors.

First you’ll need to clean the door off. You can do this with soapy water in a bucket and a hard bristled brush, or possibly even just a sponge, depending on how dirty the door may be. Don’t use a presser washer as it is unlikely to remove everything. Scrubbing by hand is preferable if at all possible. Rinse it off with your hose and let it dry. Once it has dried, you will need a paint scraper. Use this tool to remove the old paint from the door. Remember to push the scraper away from you and do not pull it toward you, as this can be dangerous.

Using a small hand sander, take a strong grit sandpaper and sand the door as evenly as possible. Be gentle so as not to create uneven areas. After this, you’ll need to apply a primer to the door. Use a roller, and remember that you’ll need to use a metal primer on metal garage doors. Be sure to cover the door evenly with the primer and then allow it to dry. Priming ensures that your paint job holds up well.

Next it’s time to actually paint the door. Choose a color you like, preferably one that compliments the rest of your house. Once again use your roller to apply the paint. You are going to need multiple layers of paint, so be sure to allow time between each application for the previous one to dry. Also make sure you have chosen paint that is specifically for exterior/outdoor use. Consider sealing your paint job with a water tight sealant after it’s complete. This will make it last a good bit longer. An alternative to painting garage doors is to stain them if they are made of wood. The prepping process remains the same and you will simply use a wood stain rather than paint.

Now you know the basics of refinishing garage doors. You can enlist the help or advice of a professional who deals in garage doors for further information or assistance if needed. And of course, you can always pay a professional to do the whole shebang for you.

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