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Working With A Trusted Medical Supply Partner

Making a quick recovery from an illness or a medical procedure depends a great deal on the skills of your surgeon, physician or nursing staff, and the quality of care they provide to you. However, a full and speedy recuperation can also depend on who those professionals depend upon as their medical supply partner in Staten Island or across the state of NY.

A physicians job is to diagnose and treat their patients to the best of his/her abilities. However, without a steady and dependable supply of medical equipment and surgical aids, that job becomes all the more difficult to perform. If hospitals and medical facilities cannot get access to supplies of a high quality, and at the designated time and place, then the patient’s health is put at risk. Selecting the right medical supply partner is therefore as important as making the right diagnosis or prescribing the right medication.

Even as individuals we, as patients, depend heavily on high-quality medical supplies to help us pull through common illnesses or major medical or surgical procedures. If we are not confident that the medical supply store in Staten Island that we visit will provide us the appropriate supplies for our condition, then that only adds additional stress to our lives, which delays our recovery.

So, what are hospitals, clinics, physicians, health care professionals and individual patients looking for in a medical supply facility? Well, the first quality is definitely their track record. When your health or your very life is at stake, you want to make sure that the supplier you select is well regarded within the community. So, look for a company that’s been doing business in and around your city and community for at least two decades or more. The longer they’ve been around, the more comfortable you can be that they will be the right medical supply outlet for you in Staten Island.

As patients, we don’t want to be running around chasing a whole lot of paperwork when dealing with our prescriptions. We’d rather do business with a pharmacy whom we can call, or deal with through an online process such as e-Prescriptions, about our needs, and who will then handle all the necessary procedural matters related to our prescription – whether it be following up with our doctor, or dealing with Medicare.

And as a health care service provider too, you are better off dealing with a one-window medical supplier, as opposed to sourcing your supplies from many different sources. One-shop operations can save you a lot of money, but mainly it will cut down on a lot of overhead in terms of staff time. That time saved can better be utilized in patient-centric value added services, instead of in procurement and inventory sourcing efforts.

One last word of caution. Whether you are an individual or a health care facility, only deal with a pharmacy that deals in medical supplies produced by reputable manufacturers.

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