Corporate video production: the art of business communication

Just like us, organizations need to communicate all the time. They need to convey a favorable environment that projects sustained growth, form better, lasting relationships with internal and external stakeholders and show they are socially responsible. A business cannot only make profits without giving something back to the society. These social initiatives make an organization more credible and increases trust and may, to some extent, increase user loyalty. Corporate video production is an effective platform by which companies try to portray an image that is favorable to all stakeholders and the society. By making extended use of these audio-visual modes of communication, businesses are able to convey more personalized messages to every segment. Corporate video production is a part of corporate communication used by marketing managers to tell audiences about the company’s mission, vision and the guiding principles which govern its functioning.

Corporate videos are indispensable tools for an integrated communication strategy

Corporate video production is an integral part of integrated corporate communication strategy which maintains cohesiveness and uniformity of the messages that are being exchanged so that set results can be achieved. Many companies are adopting Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR and taking it as seriously as making money. CSR initiatives like opening more schools, supplying food to the poor, supporting a non-profit organization which fights for injustice against women, planting more trees or sponsoring a girl-child’s education are undertaken by a business to portray itself as a responsible member of society that stands by the homeless and the needy. Corporate films and documentaries may also show an organization’s association with the environment and its preservation. They may tell audiences about how they have adopted better, more efficient technology that reduces pollution and waste, thereby promoting a cleaner, greener environment. Companies may upload videos to their sites that show how many trees they have planted and what they have done to protect nature.

Corporate communication is meant for the stakeholders

Internal stakeholders like people who own shares of the company and employees and external stakeholders like channel partners, media, industry bodies and the public at large need to be updated about key areas. Marketing managers employ the services of a skilled corporate video production specialist to make training and safety videos for employees, videotape meetings and seminars for the shareholders, product and service demonstration videos for dealers and distributors, record conferences and other meets organized for different media groups, talk to the users by producing television commercials and uploading webmercials. Post-production of corporate videos need to be carried out by experienced and highly creative corporate video production professionals who can lend the right touch to transform an ordinary video into an attention-grabbing mode of communication.

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