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Consulting With a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Springfield

If you find yourself facing bankruptcy, the first thing that you should do is seek legal counsel. The first meeting that you will have with a bankruptcy lawyer is known as a consultation. Typically, most lawyers will provide you this consultation for free. Although, there are some who will charge for this, thus it would depend on whether you would rather pay for it or not. Considering that you will be facing bankruptcy, it is always a good idea to opt for a free consultation. Preparing for this consultation is pertinent if you would like to avoid wasting both your time as well as the attorney’s time. Here are some things to consider when consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer in Springfield.

  1. The first step would be to find the right bankruptcy lawyer. The process of filing for bankruptcy is quite complex and thus you would need an attorney that is well versed in this field. The best way to find a reputable lawyer would be through word of mouth recommendations. However, if you do not know anyone who has filed for bankruptcy then you could shortlist some lawyers through online research and local listings. Meet with the different lawyers that you shortlist before making a decision on who would be best suited to your needs.
  1. Track down all your bills. You need to put together all the bills you have received from creditors, outstanding taxes, medical bills and more. If you have any court summons, you need to put these together too. The bankruptcy lawyer in Springfield will need all these bills in order to determine whether or not you are eligible to be filing for bankruptcy in the first place.
  1. Get your credit reports. You can get these reports from the credit reporting agencies. The government allows all citizens the right to get at least one free credit report per year. Thus you do not have to pay to get your credit report if you haven’t done so already.
  1. Estimate your monthly living expenses. Living expenses will range from your rent or mortgage costs, the utilities that you pay monthly, grocery shopping, your transportation costs and so on. If you can keep track of your personal upkeep costs this would also come in handy.
  1. The bankruptcy lawyer in Springfield may have some forms and documents for you to fill beforehand. In most cases, these documents will comprise of reports that detail your assets as well as your debts. If the bankruptcy lawyer requests to have these documents, have them faxed or hand delivered to their office. This will give the lawyer adequate time to analyze the documents before your scheduled appointment.
  1. Lastly, gather all the proof that you have of paid bills. These could include receipts and/or bank statements that prove checks were cleared.

If you would like additional information on how to go about your consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer in Springfield or if you would simply want to learn more about what would be required for this meeting, visit NaatzLaw.com!