Why Buy Wireless Security Alarm Systems

According to estimates of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, there were about 2,199,125 burglaries in the United States in 2009. Of these, 72.6 percent were residential burglaries. Now ask yourself a question. Is your home safe from such unwanted intrusions? Or is it a disaster waiting to happen? If you still haven’t got a security alarm system guarding your home, it is high time you got one. Wireless security alarm systems are a good option when it comes to effective alarm systems. Armed with today’s cutting edge technology, these wireless security alarm systems offer high levels of security, without the hassle of installing traditional hardwired systems. Read on to find out more about why you should invest in a wireless home alarm system.

Wireless Security Alarm: The Advantages

Here are some of the major advantages of installing a wireless security alarm system.

  • Clean Installation: Unlike hardwired security alarm systems, the installation process for wireless alarms is quite clean. With wireless home alarm systems you don’t need to worry about wires sticking out of the floor and the walls. For installing hard wired systems, fixtures for masking the wiring may also be needed with some amount of remodeling which can be quite a hassle. The installation process for wireless systems involves fixing the various wireless gadgets around the house and then integrating it into one system. The gadgets themselves are quite discrete and barely noticeable. This is quite beneficial as a burglar will not know whether he is being watched by a camera or know that motion detectors are activated. Burglars however, can detect the wiring in a hardwired alarm system. This may lead them to the cameras and the alarm which can then be easily disabled.
  • Easy to Set Up: Wireless home alarm systems are quite easy to set up. Although it is advisable that you consult a professional security alarm company before you begin setting up the alarm, you just need a little ‘do-it-yourself’ experience, a power source and the alarm components to begin. The alarm sensors and other components can then be set up at all vulnerable points and then connected to the control panel wirelessly. You will be able to control and monitor the alarm system from this control panel. However, since the wireless alarm system will tap into your home’s power supply, you might also want to consult an electrician before you start messing with the wires.
  • Low Maintenance: Maintenance costs for wireless alarm systems are very low as compared to other alarm systems as you don’t need to maintain any wires or cables. All you need to do is make sure the alarm components are all powered up and the cameras and other units are clean.

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