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What’s Unique about ADT Security Systems?

ADT security systems boast as many as 5 million customers across North America, including commercial, government and residential users. This is quite a sizeable number and is truly representative of the deep faith Americans have entrusted upon the innovative products and dedicated services of ADT. This company has been providing security solutions to Americans since 1874, and has been able to maintain its position as the market leader with conviction and elan. Today, there are 24,000 employers working for the company, which has 240 well networked branches across America and Canada.

Although ADT has always enjoyed unflinching prominence in the security systems market, there are other players as well, who are offering tough competition. One cannot differentiate on the basis of excellent services and at-par services alone. Companies have to be unique in more ways than one to stay in the business and rise above the market clutter. ADT has virtually excelled in this field.

ADT: Unique Features

ADT has always been a customer-centric organization. The services are truly novel and have added immense value to their users. Some of the unique features include:

  • Home Security Advisor: ADT offers you the assistance of home security advisors who help you in determining the security requirements of your residence. The advisor performs a thorough survey of your property, which unravels your specific security needs. Subsequently, he suggests systems that would ideally suit the given requirements. The home security advisor also provides general home safety tips. He also allows you to save your choices so that you can take your time to select the ideal system that suits your requirements. A hassle free online buying experience is also facilitated by the advisor.
  • Guarantees Provided: ADT is known for its long term customer support and it emphasizes this by providing as many as 3 guarantee schemes. There is the Theft Protection Guarantee, which pledges to pay for your insurance deductibles up to $500 in a situation where the house has been burgled despite the alarm being armed. There is the Money Back Service Guarantee, which pledges to refund all installation and monitoring charges if the customer is dissatisfied after 6 months of usage. The Movers Security Guarantee provides special packages in the event of relocation. Additional discounts are also provided for system upgrades, if you change location.

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