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Things to Consider When Choosing Security Alarm Systems

According to the US Census Bureau Statistical Abstract, there were 8,811 burglary larceny and theft cases in the US in 2008 alone. These figures just make it all the more essential to get security alarm systems for the protection of your family and possessions. However, homeowners often face a dilemma when shopping for reliable security alarm systems owing to the multitude of home alarm companies available today.

Security Alarm Systems: Things to Consider

Here are a few things you need to consider when you are looking for security alarm systems to suit your specific requirements.

  • Remote Monitoring or Local Alarms: Decide whether you want a remote monitoring alarm system or whether a local alarm system would do. With remote monitoring systems, whenever an alarm is tripped, apart from sounding the sirens, the security center is also alerted. These security monitoring services charge a monthly fee ranging between $30 and $50 a month. These monitoring systems generally utilize landline phones to connect to the monitoring centers, but they can also be configured to call through cellular technology in case the telephone lines are cut. Local alarms, on the other hand, will only sound an alarm alerting the people in the house. If there is no one at home, there is no one to act on the alarm.
  • Extent of Protection: Basic alarm systems monitor perimeter doors. You could choose to integrate additional detection options, such as motion sensors monitoring windows and other vulnerable points of entry and glass break sensors, which trigger an alarm if a window is broken. Carbon monoxide sensors, smoke detectors and flooding detectors can also be integrated into security alarm systems to enhance the extent of protection.
  • Wireless versus Hard-wired Alarm Systems: Components of security alarm systems can either be connected to the local alarm system using wireless transmission or by hard wiring. Generally, hard wired alarm systems tend to be cheaper, although the installation of such systems can be cumbersome in existing homes, as wires need to be routed through the walls. On the other hand, the components of wireless home alarm systems are slightly larger than their hard wired counterparts. The installation process is also comparatively less difficult and can be easily done all around the house without any difficulty. The wireless components will, however, require battery replacements from time to time.

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