The Coming of Age of Security Alarm Systems

Almost 11% of all residential homes in America use some sort of a home security system ( Security alarm systems have surely come of age. With crime rates sky rocketing, the only option at our disposal is to find ways of protecting ourselves. No longer can we depend on shared security services for peaceful living. We need to take on our responsibilities individually. Therefore, protecting our own homes from impending threats and dangers has become a prime responsibility for most American citizens.

This undoubtedly is a huge business opportunity for security system manufacturers and related service providers, which has been exploited to the fullest. We have numerous players in the security systems market, competing with each other for supremacy. The security alarm systems that we have today are a far cry from the basic systems that were popular in the last decade. Technology has had a massive impact on these systems and product development has progressed in leaps and bounds.

Security Alarm Systems: The Metamorphoses

At first, security alarm systems were mere thief alarms. There was a simple alarm that went off when anyone tried to forcibly enter the protected premises. The purpose was only to alert the residents in case of an invasive burglary, or alert neighbors in case of an empty house. This simple system is still being used in many houses.

Today, we have systems that comprise of a security system and alarm, both of which are linked to a central monitoring system. Your house is monitored round the clock through these systems, to ensure complete safety. The alarms are highly advanced and operated with the help of a security code. They include smoke as well as heat detectors, which can also protect you from unfortunate occurrences like fires, etc. These are automatic systems that are connected to your telephone. The moment the alarm detects a security breach, the telephone automatically dials programmed numbers, such as the police station or hospital etc, establishing contact.

The future of security systems is even more fascinating. There would be systems with motion detectors and unique codes for each family member. These will enable you to find out where the other family members in the house are. Technology has truly redefined these systems in a big way.

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