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Tips to Selecting Designer Wedding Cakes for Your Special Day

When it comes to weddings, every little detail has to be planned in advance. With this being your special day, you should only want the best both for you and your spouse as well as your guests. This is why it should come as no surprise that designer wedding cakes are now taking the world by storm. By choosing one of these cakes, you are assured of having a breathtaking cake on your special day. To ensure that you get the right cake for your big day, you have to know how best to choose your cake. Here are some tips that you could use when it comes to selecting designer wedding cakes.

  1. The shape of the cake: For designer wedding cakes to be spectacular, they should have a design that makes them interesting to look at. Remember that at your wedding the cake will be showcased on its own before it is served to the invited guests. The shape of your cake should be chosen according to the theme of your wedding or in relation to something that is special to you and your spouse. There are numerous cake designs that you can choose from or that you could come up with on your own and have the cake maker bring your vision to life.
  1. The ingredients in the cake: One thing that would be difficult to do would be to turn down designer wedding cakes once they have already been commissioned and made. This is why it is very important for you to sit with the cake maker beforehand and find out what ingredients will be going into the cake. If you are vegan, you would like to ensure that no animal products will be used in your wedding cake. You will also wan t to know what alternative ingredients the cake makers will use. If you, your spouse or some people in your wedding party have some food allergies, it is best to tell the cake maker in advance so that these ingredients are avoided.
  1. The size of the cake: When it comes to choosing the size of designer wedding cakes, you would best do it in accordance to the number of guests that you will be expecting at your wedding. There would be no point in having a cake that weighs fifty pounds yet you plan on having a small wedding with less than fifty guests. On the other hand, if you will be having a big wedding, you have to ensure that there will be enough cake to go around to all the guests that will be in attendance. You may also want to keep some of the cake for your first year anniversary so you should also put that in mind when selecting the size of the cake.

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