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Secure Your Home The Right Way With ADT Burglar Alarms

The market is flooded with different home security companies that you can choose from to protect and serve your home today. While it can be a difficult decision, ADT works to simplify the decision with quality products and outstanding service. If you want to secure your home the right way, ADT burglar alarms is the way to go.

The company certainly did not pop up out of nowhere as the reputable business was first founded back in 1874. Its first multi-signal protection systems came about in the 1890s and in 1909 AT&T bought ADT thus enhancing its technologies. After becoming a part of the Grinell Co. in 1964, it had monopolized a lot of the central alarm industry in the U.S. It was not until Tyco purchased the company in 1997 that it spread globally to more than 50 countries.

The company now consists of more than 55,000 employees who are dedicated to installing and monitoring ADT burglar alarms worldwide. Each and every alarm system is connected to one of the customer monitoring centers, which is a feature that truly separates this company from the rest.

The monitoring center will be alerted as soon as the alarm is set off as it examines and records the signal. From there, ADT personnel call the location to determine the emergency and then notify police or emergency services. This type of service is unlike any other that you will receive elsewhere.

As you begin shopping for ADT burglar alarms you will find there are special systems for homes and businesses of all sizes, including for government buildings. With reasonably priced systems available, it is not out of the question for homeowners to find a security system for under $100 plus a monthly fee. You can always upgrade at any time.

There are countless features to take advantage of with the different systems offered. Some of the more advanced systems offer services for burglary, smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. You will notice there is a system battery back-up in case of power failures. Regardless of what package you opt to go with, you will receive a wireless control panel, a standard touchpad, door and window sensors, infrared motion detectors, an indoor sounder and a keychain remote.

In all, there really are no better options to choose from when it comes to living comfortably than going with ADT burglar alarms. There are several options to choose from all with unbeatable prices. And with an alert staff ready to respond to any emergency the alarm system signals, protection is guaranteed 24/7.