How to Test Your Security Alarm?

Interestingly, Seattle is the only American destination that features in the list of 10 safest places in this world (Domain Name). When it comes to safety, American cities are not exactly popular. We need to be extremely vigilant and proactive about our own security. It is our individual responsibility, to secure our own property and ensure safe living for our near and dear ones. Technology has made our lives simpler. Today, we have highly specialized home security systems, which have contributed in a big way towards safe and secure living.

Home security systems of today are known for their superb performance and sophistication. They can provide foolproof security to your homes, provided you exercise caution while installing a suitable one. Post installation, it is always better to test your security alarm, which is an integral part of your security system. The alarm is responsible for letting you know that a breach of security has occurred. You need to be confident that it works when it should, and can be relied upon.

Security Alarm: Testing Procedure

There is a channelized procedure for testing your alarm. You need to follow some simple steps to ensure successful testing. They are:

  • Read the manual thoroughly. You need to understand how the equipment works, before attempting to test it. There will be a separate section on “testing”, which you need to spend some more time on. Delve into the finer aspects of the testing process and understand them well.
  • Be sure that you know the code that is used to disarm the alarm. Memorize it well, so that there are no mistakes. You will need to disarm the alarm after testing it.
  • Ask your service provider to guide you through the testing process, if you are unsure of anything.
  • Inform the members of your household about your testing in advance, to avoid unnecessary panic.
  • Test each and every sensor, thoroughly.
  • Do not forget to test your smoke detectors and heat sensors. Create some artificial smoke and see if it responds. For the heat sensors, you can rub your hands against each other and place them on the sensors, to check if it gets activated.
  • Post testing, de-activate the test mode and re-tune your alarm.

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