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Gourmet Cupcakes: The New Way to Celebrate

How many of us can deny the greatness of a cupcake? Most of us loved them as children, and back then, they were often relegated to the world of children’s treats. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. A new generation of cupcakes has arrived on the scene, and they are more popular than ever. Gourmet cupcakes are all the rage, and it is easy to see why.

First of all, most of us would agree that cake is wonderful. Though there is no such thing as a food that is universally loved, cake has to be one of the best loved foods around. So cupcakes are comprised of something most of us already enjoy. However, in some ways, cupcakes are able to improve upon their bigger siblings.

For example, cupcakes are able to be filled with an infinite variety of fillings. Though cakes can also have layers of filling, it is difficult to work the same large amount of filling into the layer of a cake that you can work into the center of a cupcake. Also, cupcakes can be filled with fillings that are more delicate and less stiff than traditional cake fillings. Traditional cake fillings have to be strong enough and firm enough so that they do not simply run out of the sides when a layer of cake is placed on top of them. This is not a concern with gourmet cupcakes.

Cupcakes are also, by their nature, easier to eat than traditional cakes. They are, in essence, handheld cakes. They do not require utensils to be eaten, nor do you have to have a plate to eat them on. This is another reason for their rise in popularity. One reason cupcakes have long been a staple of school functions and classroom parties is because they are so easy and fuss-free. There are no dishes to be washed after everyone has finished. More of us are realizing that this translates well for any type of party, whether kids are involved or not.

Furthermore, it is easier to satisfy a crowd with cupcakes. Unlike a cake that only offers one flavor, cupcakes can be ordered in a variety of different flavors. This means that you can please the chocolate cake lovers and the strawberry cake lovers all at the same time. Gourmet cupcakes offer a choice to any group or party that a traditional cake simply cannot offer.

Finally, especially in the gourmet cupcake world, cupcakes are catching up with traditional cakes in the aesthetics department. Cakes are often chosen for occasions because of their beauty rather than their flavor. However, more bakers are stepping up the decoration of cupcakes so that they are visually competitive with traditional decorated cakes. A number of people are ordering decorated cupcakes where they would have previously ordered lavishly decorated cakes. Even some brides have jumped on the cupcake bandwagon.

Cupcakes are no longer just for kids. Gourmet cupcakes are a smart, delicious choice for a variety of occasions.

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